Pin to Real Life Outfit #6


pingmg2 pingmg3 pingmg4 pingmg5 pingmg6

Earlier this spring when I was on the fence about getting a floral blazer, I’m pretty sure it was this pin that put me over the edge. “Oh, it looks good with a striped dress? I’m in.” I had a different color scheme to work with than my inspirer Julia (of Gal Meets Glam) did, but I still love how this came out. Since my dress and blazer were  warm colors instead of cool, I went for a tan belt and shoes instead of black. That’s the story I’m going with anyway. But I also just don’t have a thin black belt.

Jacket (now under $15) // similar Dress // similar Belt (on sale) // similar Shoes (on sale)

9 thoughts on “Pin to Real Life Outfit #6

  1. I love the way you paired two patterned pieces together. And I’ve been looking everywhere for a floral blazer like that. You look great! 🙂

  2. You have a naturally…..vintage look. I don’t know what it is exactly but I bet you’d look really great in a 1940’s inspired floral dress!

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