Blue Jean Baby

bluejeans1 bluejeans2bluejeans3 bluejeans4 bluejeans5

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (I’ve never understood how that living situation would work anyway – do you pay property taxes?), you probably know that colored jeans have been trending over the past couple years. But here’s a conundrum: aren’t all jeans “colored” unless they’re white? I mean when people say “colored jeans” or “colored denim” they’re talking about jeans that aren’t blue. Right? But blue is a color, people.

And as if that’s not enough of a conundrum, what do we call these jeans? They’re not regular jeans, but they’re still blue. So they’re blue colored jeans? Is anyone else’s mind exploding?!

Jeans* // similar Shirt (on sale) // Necklace // similar Shoes (on sale) // Bracelet // Watch

*These jeans were gifted to me LuckyB Boutique. All opinions and conundrums are my own.

6 thoughts on “Blue Jean Baby

  1. The bright colors of this outfit are gorgeous! I especially like that you wore the necklace with the ruffled top – I’ve always avoided doing that for fear that it will look too busy, but they look great together. 🙂

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