Summer Fun

cookout1 cookout2

Is summer not the best, you guys? After a hard but productive school year, I am totally taking advantage of every opportunity for fun and relaxation. It’s actually probably a good thing that summer is only a few months out of the year because I would be exhausted from all the sun and guacamole and booze.

cookout4 cookout5

Yesterday we had a cookout with some friends. It was the perfect activity for a Saturday evening and – more importantly – the perfect occasion to wear these new shorts my mom got me (thanks Mom).


As usual, our friends’ 4-year-old was the master of ceremonies, giving very detailed instructions for the direction bubbles should be blown and what we should draw with sidewalk chalk (I drew a pink sandwich and a rainbow car).


Said 4-year-old actually took this picture of me and Kristin. Not bad, right?


She also wanted to join in the outfit photos. Keep an eye out for Gabby’s Real Life blog in 2033.


Jacket // Shorts // similar Shirt // Nails

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