Sheath Dress & Sandals

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Another day, another blue dress. I realized recently I have a lot of blue dresses. But I also realized that I really love the color blue, and I also really love dresses. And there’s nothing wrong with having extras of things you like, right? That’s the point of a baker’s dozen. Thirteen cookies is always better than twelve.

This particular blue dress came into my possession thanks to LuckyB Boutique, an adorable shop here in Indianapolis (in Broad Ripple, for you locals). Now that I have more than a baker’s dozen worth of readers, I’m excited to use my immense popularity to draw attention to local businesses. If you live in the Indy area, be sure to check out LuckyB! I feel like a big ol’ dummy for not knowing about it sooner. And even if you don’t live around here, no worries – they’re online too.

I’m excited to wear this dress with heels and an updo, but because I’m totally impatient with new clothes, I just had to take for a spin at work in a slightly more demure fashion (I wore the cardigan most of the day).

Dress* // similar Cardigan // similar Shoes // similar Necklace // Watch // Lips “Punch Drunk”

*LuckyB Boutique gifted me this dress for my review, but all opinions expressed are my own.

8 thoughts on “Sheath Dress & Sandals

  1. I’m with you about the bakers dozen! I do that all the time with my clothes purchases. In my head I think “one day you may not be able to afford it so enjoy it while you can”.
    Blue is a great colour on you. Compliments blonde hair well!

  2. great dress! it fits you very nicely and the color isn’t too loud. I will have to check out that store next time I’m in town!


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