Sunshine, Flowers, and Puppies

sunshine1 sunshine2 sunshine3 sunshine4 sunshine5 sunshine6

OK, full disclosure. There aren’t any puppies in this post. Just sunshine and flowers. I usually don’t take photos in this spot in the afternoon for the very reason that the sun shines through the railing and  trees, making lots of crazy shadows. But there’s something about the first sunny, 80 degree day of the spring/summer that makes a girl want to put on a floral skirt and pose awkwardly with her tripod on her balcony. Am I right, ladies?

So who cares that sometimes the sun’s bouncing off my skin in all its super white glory, and 2 inches away another part of me is hiding in the shadows? It’s times like this I’m really glad I made my blog about real life and not perfection. Not that I’m not perfect. It’s just the sun that’s flawed. No amount of Clinique will get rid of those sun spots.

Skirt // Cardigan (extra 30% off w/ code SALE30) // Necklace // similar Shoes (on sale) // similar Sunglasses // Nails “Mint Candy Apple” // Lipstick “Pourpre Preview”

4 thoughts on “Sunshine, Flowers, and Puppies

  1. loving those shoes!! And the mint sweater is great with the floral skirt. I must say, I’m a tiny bit disappointed in the no puppies thing though. 😉


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