Guest Post: [Lacey’s] Real Life

Happy Friday, everyone! The good news is I’m 2 exams down; the bad news is I have 2 more to go. Luckily Lacey offered to do a guest post for me. She rocks. Can we talk about how annoyingly pretty her hair is?
MyBoringCloset1 MyBoringCloset2 MyBoringCloset3 MyBoringCloset4

Hi Sarah’s Real Life readers! My name is Lacey from My Boring Closet and I’m honored to be guest posting for Sarah today.
I wore this outfit in “real life” to go see one of my best friends audition to be a Denver Broncos Cheerleader. It was literally the most grueling audition process I’ve ever witnessed…those girls deserve MAJOR props!! Side note: did anyone ever watch that show “Next Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader”? I loved it!
In Denver, spring is taking its sweet time coming around, so yes, my poor legs are still sheathed in tights! This outfit is perfect for this awkward transitional weather and is super easy and comfy. Sweater + shorts + tights + booties + faux leather = done. My style is all about using things I already have in my closet in different ways, so this is a great way to use both winter and summer pieces in one outfit.
I hope that spring has sprung wherever you’re reading this from. Have a fantastic week! xo Lacey

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