Guest Post: [Laura’s] Real Life

I’m starting off your week with another guest post! Everyone should thank Laura for whipping up this chic look to share with you, because I am rocking the unshowered-law-student-during-finals look right now. Be sure to check out her blog (link below).

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Hi, I’m Laura and I blog at “Laura Wears…”.  Like Sarah, I regularly post photos of my daily outfits, and on occasion I also post gratuitous photos of my dogs {although I do try to mostly keep my over-sharing confined to my personal Facebook}.

Today’s look is on the simpler end of the spectrum.  I wore this particular outfit to work.  There was initially a blazer involved, however it was so nice in the afternoon {hello Spring, thank you for FINALLY making an appearance} I completely forgot to wear the blazer while I was taking these photographs.

Top:  J.Crew  {winter 2012/13}

Pants:  D&G {these plaid  pants have quickly turned into a personal favorite [see them styled differently here and here] and the office joke… I routinely get asked {in good fun!} for my golf tip of the day.  At first this baffled me from a why-don’t-they-know-plaid-pants-aren’t-just-for-the-golf-course way.  But I have since given in, and now I have a variety of witty comebacks…unless you catch me at a bitter moment, then my comeback is less witty and more angry…}

Bracelets:  Thrifted bangles & Club Monaco wrap bracelet

Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange

Purse:  Le Chateau {I bought this ~10 years ago for an undergrad formal – it has held up well!}

Heels:  Sam Edelman ‘Portney’  {my go-to work shoe!  I wish I would have bought these in beige too.  One of the things my wardrobe is currently missing is a great beige pump}




3 thoughts on “Guest Post: [Laura’s] Real Life

  1. I would accept all the jokes in the world if I had the opportunity to wear these pants. They are absolutely gorgeous… and so versatile! I love your style, and I know I have said that before but I can’t control my tongue sometimes!

    Monica from Fashion Koketi

  2. Love these pants. I have a similar jacket that I just bought.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Pastel Hues’. I would love to read what you think.


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