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Unlike normal people who go to brunch on Sunday, Sarah the lame law student (that’s me) usually stays home and studies all weekend.

But when one of my best college friends says, “hey, I’m leaving for China in a month,” I have to take a break to brunch and shop. And brunch and shop we did. Those red velvet pancakes were way better than the bagel I would have had at home.

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of brunch experience, I didn’t know the dress code, but I figured it was a good time to wear this new dress (which I put on my spring shopping list). It’s too chilly to bare my arms yet, so I wore it as a skirt. When I tried it on, I was really excited about how great it is for twirling. Obviously that’s an important quality in a dress because of all the twirling I do.


See? Twirling. Goes perfectly with brunching.

Dress // similar Shirt // Sunglasses // similar Sandals

11 thoughts on “Twirl-Worthy

  1. Aw that’s adorable! It reminds me of when I take my daughter shopping. She has to try on the dresses to see if they twirl. No twirl and it does not come home with us!

  2. lol @ashleigh! I have a four year old who is the same – everything is judged on its ability to ‘spin really well.’ I love the combination of black and white with the chartreuse. 🙂 Very pretty!

  3. Ok, so I did almost this exact thing a couple of weeks ago, and my husband told me it looked weird so I second-guessed myself and changed. I have a floral dress that I wanted to wear as a skirt, and it was a bit chilly so I put on a long-sleeved tee over it and twisted it like you did here.

    Now that I have seen it on you, I am confident enough to try it again. This time, if my husband thinks I am odd, I will show him your blog post. Ha!

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