My New Invention: “Work Pajamas”

workpjs1 workpjs2 workpjs3 workpjs4 workpjs5


Feeling under the weather but still have to go to work? Wish you could curl up on the couch in your jammies instead of sit at your desk all day in uncomfortable work clothes? [This is the part where you see black and white footage of people at work looking grumpy and fidgety.]

Now you can do both! (Sort of.)


With this simple outfit, you can feel like you’re at home in your comfy sweats while you’re at the office – without breaking the dress code!

[OK, now the infomercial’s in color and everyone looks really happy.]

These loose fitting pants are dressy on the outside and have silky lining on the inside. And who doesn’t love to sleep in a plain cotton t-shirt? Just cover with an oversized black cardigan and you’re ready for work!

But wait! There’s more!

Call in the next 10 minutes [please don’t call me] and you’ll also get these versatile black wedges! They have the height of a heel and the comfort of a flat. Perfect for finishing your work pajamas look.

[Ahem. It’s me now. I’ve had a cold the past couple days but I made it out into the world on Friday. This is what I wore.]

Shirt // similar Cardigan // similar Pants // Shoes // similar Necklace

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