Outfits: The Only Things I Can Cook

argyle1 argyle2 argyle3 argyle4 argyle5 argyle6

You know how you can take a recipe and add different creative ingredients to make a whole new dish? (Can you? I don’t really know. My idea of a recipe is the instructions on the back of a mac ‘n’ cheese box. Let’s just say you can.)

Well, I took the ingredients for a preppy outfit (2 cups argyle, 3 cups cardigan, 2 Keds) and threw in a bunch of sassy spices to make it more “me” (10 oz. curly hair, 2 tablespoons retro shades, and a healthy splash of beads).

And there you have it: Argyle & Sass (which would make a really great band name if only I didn’t know as little about playing an instrument as I do about cooking).

Sunglasses // similar Argyle Sweater (on sale) // similar Cardigan (on sale) // Jeans // similar Necklace // similar Bracelet // Shoes: see this post

7 thoughts on “Outfits: The Only Things I Can Cook

  1. Love it!! I can’t wait to use it for inspiration on “dress down” day @ work! FYI, I told a few coworkers about your blog here in Windsor (Canada) and there are days that they will come up and say that my outfit was “Sarah” inspired! 😉

  2. LOVE this bright, fun combo, and especially that necklace. I also love that your wore Keds. The new job has my feet aching, I need shoes that are cute AND comfy!

  3. Soooo Stinking adorable!!!! Fun colors, mixed with a classic look that is also carefree and relaxed!!! LOVE IT!!!! Gonna start searching for something almost the same!!! Isnt Argyle simply the BEST!!! And those KEDS!!!! Ugggggggg SOOOOO envious of you!!!!!!

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