Barbie Girl // G.I. Jane

armygreen1 armygreen2 armygreen3 armygreen4 armygreen5 armygreen6

Happy weekend, lovely people! I’m too tired to think of something earth-shattering to say (like I normally do), but I wanted to share this outfit I wore to school earlier in the week. I really like pink and army green together. I guess it’s because they have such different connotations and they don’t seem like they should go together…but they do. I’m going to make them go together, anyway. So there.

similar Blazer // similar Top // similar Pants // similar Necklace // similar Shoes

6 thoughts on “Barbie Girl // G.I. Jane

  1. I love everything about this. It looks easy and comfy and the bight blazer with the green pants and spiked necklace are the perfect combo. Super cute!

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