Easy Outfit Transformation

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On Thursdays this semester, I’ve been spending the morning in class and the afternoon at my internship. You know what that means: two outfits in one day. I’m livin’ the dream.

Normally I wear two totally different getups, but last week I decided to make things a little easier on myself (even I run out of outfit-making steam sometimes). The nice thing about an oxford shirt and a cotton sweater is that with jeans and flats they’re preppy (the unofficial dress code of law school), and with a black skirt and heels they’re business casual (the official dress code of the Attorney General’s office).

I don’t know how many other tops magically work perfectly with both jeans/flats and skirt/heels, but I’m totally going to find out. It’s probably all of them. Let’s just say it’s all of them and save me the trouble.

similar Shirt // similar Sweater // Jeans // similar Skirt (on sale) // Bracelet // similar Necklace // similar Flats // similar Heels // Sunglasses

10 thoughts on “Easy Outfit Transformation

  1. I feel like a lot of outfits are this versatile. I’m wearing a blazer and button-up today – since it’s Friday, I paired it with skinny mint jeans, but on a less casual day, I could totally pair it with either a pencil skirt or dress pants and it would be business casual. Love those kinds of outfits!

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