The End of an Era?

tweed1 tweed2 tweed3 tweed4 tweed5 tweed6

I sincerely hope this is the last time you will see me wearing tights for a long time. It finally started to warm up here this weekend and I wore skirts with bare legs. It was glorious. I will miss not having to shave though.

I don’t mean to be knocking on tights. I really do like them. This outfit for example – it wouldn’t look the same without tights. I like the black, green, black, green colorblocking I have going on here. And with bare legs, this skirt might be a little too short for the office. For some reason I feel like when you’re wearing tights, you’re not actually showing leg, just the illusion of leg. Is that just me? Probably. I tend to overthink things.

Plus, there’s something about tweed that reads fall/winter. I guess because it’s thick and sturdy. I would look kind of top-heavy (or top-warm) with two tweeds and nothing on the bottom.

See how I’m convincing myself that tights are great in case I have to wear them again this week? Yeah.

similar Jacket // Skirt (on clearance) // similar Shoes (on sale) // Watch (on sale) // Sunglasses (on sale)

3 thoughts on “The End of an Era?

  1. I guess that’s the nice thing about having extreme seasons – I’m usually excited to wear tights at the beginning of winter, and then excited to stop wearing tights at the end. I thought tights weather was over, but today I am regretting my bare legs, because it’s about 27 degrees. I need to check the weather numbers and not just look at the picture of a sun!

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