My Name is Sarah, and I’m a Polkaholic


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Did anyone notice anything funny about my outfit posts this past week? Like maybe that all five of them involved polka dots? No, it was not planned. I just have a problem. I might have to start setting myself a monthly polka dot allowance so this doesn’t get out of control. But I can’t help myself…this pattern is just so easy to spot in stores. God, I’m hilarious.

I’m going to try to pace myself this season with polka dot purchases, but I already have my eye on a few adorably polka dotted things. Here are some dots I’d love to add to my collection for spring. What should be my first purchase?

Polka Dots!

Shoes ($62) // Skirt ($18) // Bag ($108) // Scarf ($15) // Belt ($30) // Dress ($45)

12 thoughts on “My Name is Sarah, and I’m a Polkaholic

    • That’s because I usually carry the same bag every day, and I did feature it in a couple outfit posts when I first got it. So I usually only include my bag when I’m carrying something other than the usual one! Oh, and thanks a lot for choosing the most expensive thing for me to buy 😉

    • Excellent choice! I actually tried on the skirt and loved it, but I wanted to get the polka dot jeans and it just seemed like a lot of polka dots to buy at one time. I guess I used that thing called self-restraint. I wasn’t aware I had it.

  1. Do(c)tor Anna says that a dot a day keeps the doctor away. The only thing is might be harmful for is the purse! I would recommend the handbag, it is adorable!

  2. We are totally on the same wavelength! There will be a lot of polka dots on my blog next week, too. I planned two outfits out and realized they both had polka dots in them. Figured why not go whole hog?

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