Sarah v. Mother Nature: Round 2

pinkskirt1 pinkskirt2 pinkskirt3 pinkskirt4 pinkskirt5

I thought maybe I could coax spring out of hiding if I wore my new bright pink linen skirt. Perhaps you can tell by my matching bright pink nose, but my plan did not work. It was 28 degrees. That one picture where I’m smiling is really just an attempt to hide my despair. I’m thinking about how great it will be when I’m not outside anymore and I can be happy again.

Sigh. Mother Nature wins another round.

Skirt // similar Scarf (on sale $18) // similar Trench // Bow Bracelet // similar Boots (on sale)

11 thoughts on “Sarah v. Mother Nature: Round 2

  1. I like taking pics inside buildings with huge windows. You get the natural light, you don’t freeze! I love the bright, cheery combo of pink and yellow. Hurry up Spring!

  2. Ooh! I adore your skirt! I’m on the lookout for skirts with a similar silhouette/waistband as yours. And what a fun color, too! Nicely done, Sarah!

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