No Pants, No Service

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Once upon a time, I wore Express Editor pants like it was my job. I probably have 4 or 5 pairs in different colors. I had a couple “work” skirts, but for the most part, my office-wear was built around nice, neutral, professional-looking pants. But in the *cough*six*cough* years since I graduated college, I’ve collected more and more business casual skirts and dresses, and my Editor pants have been neglected.

As you know, I’m always looking out for the feelings of inanimate objects (and rarely for those of actual human beings), so I dusted off the ol’ pantaloons for a day. I added another old office favorite – the black blazer – just for poops. But never one to be boring, I of course had to throw in some leopard and red. Naturally.

Reader poll: Do you usually wear dress pants to work? If not pants, hopefully you wear something else on your bottom half. Otherwise I probably don’t want to know what your job is.

similar Blazer // Pants // similar Shirt // similar Boots // similar Bracelet // Lipstick “Romantic”


20 thoughts on “No Pants, No Service

  1. I, too, used to wear Editor pants pretty much religiously as part of my workwear. They were relatively cheap, and came in a shorter length. However over the past 5 years, I have incorporated more dresses and skirts, and now wear them more so than pants. As a petite person, I feel less stumpy in a skirt or dress than in dress pants. Dress pants are extremely difficult to fit! I thought I had found my holy grail pair at J. Crew, but then they decided to stop lining their pants (grr!).

  2. i definitely wear pants to work lol. We are allowed to wear skirts and dresses but the rules and regulations for them are so annoying it’s just easier to go with pants! I like the pop of red on your shoes.

  3. Until last September when I purchased a pair of pine green ankle skimmers from Boden, I hadn’t worn trousers to my current job ever. I’ve been here six years. Monday to Thursday was dresses and skirts with jeans allowed on Friday although I don’t find sitting down in jeans all day to be comfortable to would gravitate towards a casual dress instead. I work in a smart/casual office, am rarely customer facing and the only female so my green trousers work (as do the mulberry pink pair I now also own!) but I’m aware that in a more conservative office environment they would be frowned upon! I don’t own a traditional pair of black/grey/pinstripe work trousers…. 🙂

  4. We don’t have express, but we have a store called Ricki’s, and I wear their pants a lot. In the summer, I’m all about skirts and dresses, but a lot of the winter is just soooooooo freaking cold that I can’t do it.

    • No Target and no Express? What else is Canada missing?! I worry about that country of yours sometimes. (By the way…I correctly answered a question about Canadian geography at trivia night tonight! I was proud of myself.)

      • SO MANY THINGS. My city also doesn’t have an H&M. WEAK. Good for you! I’m a jeopardy fiend, but often find myself at a loss with a lot of the really American categories (i.e., names of college basketball teams, supreme court justices, who was president in what year, etc.).

  5. Still sad that I didn’t buy that shirt from the J. Crew outlet when I had the chance. Now I shall have to stalk ebay.

    I own about 6 pairs of black Drew pants from The Limited that I wore almost every day. Now I’m trying to mix it up and wear something other than black pants 4 days a week.

  6. Perfect work outfit! And yep, I wear dress pants to work about twice a week. Most all of mine come from The Limited, but I have a pair from Express (not sure what they’re called).

  7. very classy combo, jazzed up! …but i don’t like pants. i can buy off-the-rack or alter pretty much every other item of clothing, but pants just dont/wont fit me. i tend to just wear dresses with leggings/tights, and i’m still dressier than the vast majority of my office

  8. Honestly, I only have one pair of dress pants, and I’ve worn them about three times in the 3 years I have had them. I’m not a fan of dress pants. I much prefer cigarette pants (or slimmer cut pants), denim trousers, or dresses and skirts. I’m just not comfortable in dress pants! 😦

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