Polka Dots and Gossip

bowdress1 bowdress2 bowdress3 bowdress4 bowdress5 bowdress6

Who else feels an emptiness in their life since Gossip Girl ended? Yeah, me neither. I did love that show, but I think the high school years were better and bitchier. I haven’t seen all of the last season yet (I’ll wait until it’s on Netflix), so don’t tell me who Gossip Girl is or what color plaid Dan wears in the last scene or who ends up in jail or who dies or whose mother is actually her sister and steals her boyfriend by sabotaging her real mother’s career and paying off the dean of NYU.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh right, I got this dress because it reminds me of something Blair would wear (if it were about 10 times more expensive). I think Blair is my spirit animal.

similar Dress // another similar Dress // Shoes // Tights // Watch // Bracelet // similar Coat // Lipstick “Black Honey”

13 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Gossip

  1. LMAO! I looooove this dress. You look so sophisticated! I also love that you are wearing Black Honey. I’ve never heard of this lipstick till about a week ago and have been looking for images of it ever since!

    • I’ve convinced a couple other people to try it and they like it too. It’s nice because Clinique’s “almost lipstick” is sheer so it’s more like a tinted lip balm. Not as scary as wearing such a dark color in a “real” lipstick.

  2. That dress is super cute – the bow at the neckline makes it perfect. I also love the polka dot tights and the fab scalloped wedges. Great look!

  3. I love that dress! The bow at the top is so cute. Very Blair! And I definitely miss GG but you’re right, the earlier seasons were better. I think they redeemed themselves in the last season though!

  4. Wow, I love the dress – the bow detail is so pretty! I’ve never seen Gossip Girl (it’s currently sitting in my Netflix queue), but I think the dress totally has a Mad Men vibe.

  5. I did watch the show. Only to see what sort of chaos would surround Blair and Chuck’s romantic roller-coaster every week and the ensembles she would don to face them in. Well done, you could have been her understudy. Adore the dress and especially the jacket!

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