Blooper Reel


After my 2012 year-end “outtakes” post was a big hit, I decided I should do them more often in 2013. Well, I’m officially on spring break and I’m ready to let loose and show you a few snippets of silliness from some recent outfit photo shoots.

These are just a few of many ridiculous photos I have stored up to share with you in the future. I’m talking ridiculous hair, ridiculous faces, and ridiculous poses. Sometimes all at once. I’m multi-talented.

I’m really good at rolling my eyes dramatically:


But I’m not so good at figuring out a long purse strap:


No worries. I’ll just kick up my heels. Literally:


I’ve started posting bloopers on my Facebook Page to get some input on funny captions for future outtakes posts. So if you’ll “like” my page, you will (1) make me feel loved, and (2) get to make fun of me to my face. It’s win-win.

Have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Blooper Reel

  1. I love including bloopers. It shows that we aren’t perfectly posed fashion machines, we are real people who trip over sticks in the park or jump around like a maniac because they see a bee or spider…or maybe that’s just me. I still love theminth pants and pink heels combo!

  2. I am way too boring with posing to have such fun bloopers. But I love when bloggers don’t take themselves uber seriously – keep posting these!

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