Take One, Pass it On: The Finale

In case you’re just joining us, here’s what was going on last month. In January I had an idea to invent my own “wardrobe remix.” I liked the idea of the 30×30 remix, but I kept putting it off because of all the prep work it takes before you start.

So instead I came up with the idea to take an item from each day’s outfit and re-wear it the next day in a new way. And the next day take a different item to repeat, and so on. I went big and decided to do this for a full month. Need proof? Here are all 28 outfits from February:

febcollage1 febcollage2 febcollage3 febcollage4 febcollage5

If you’re having trouble spotting all the “passed on” pieces, see my weekly roundups here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.

Some days this challenge was a little difficult, but most days it was fun. Probably the coolest part about doing the remix and putting it on the blog was all the great feedback I got, especially the other bloggers who joined it and posted their remixed outfit too! So instead of giving my (biased) view of how fabulous my own idea was, I’ll tell you what the “critics” have been saying:

“I think this type of wardrobe remix is much more accessible for the every day woman who doesn’t want to do too much prep. It’s great for travel, because you can build a suitcase where pieces are worn several different ways. And it’s fantastic for those days you’re feeling uninspired about your wardrobe. Just pick a piece you love and remix it into a new outfit you might not have thought about before.”

AJ Wears Clothes

“This just gives me justification for throwing my clothes on a chair…to be picked up and remixed again the next day!”

Here & Now

“It was loads of fun and definitely worth a little extra effort.  It really goes to show… with a little planning and creativity, you can get maximum usage from a single garment or accessory without looking as though you’ve worn the same thing every day.”

Closet Strategy

“This not only challenged my styling skills…but also helped me shop my closet for interesting and dynamic ways to pair the clothing I already own.”

South On Broadway

“Consider your passing piece an outfit primer in the morning. … I definitely see myself using this strategy on days when I am tired or uninspired, or when I want to try remixing a piece back-to-back.”

VV Boutique Style


“Five Stars! The best idea anyone has ever had, ever! Sarah deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!”

-OK, I made that one up myself.

While my remix month is over, I will definitely use this strategy again and maybe even document another full month sometime. Even though I’m not posting links anymore, if anyone else decides to try the Take One, Pass it On Remix Challenge, I definitely want to hear about it! Share the remix with your friends people. Seeing my idea spread around the internet makes me feel pretty special. You want to make me feel special, right? Good.

14 thoughts on “Take One, Pass it On: The Finale

  1. Love the yellow – and ideal for this coming week’s ’50 Shades of Yellow’ trend on http://www.tagatrend.co.uk! If u want to get involved, send your pic to kte20@hotmail.com with your name, age, town and a link to your blog. Your pic will appear on the Facebook page and Tag a Trend site, each with a direct link to your blog xx

  2. I loved following along with your challenge – you are a remixing champion! I will definitely try the TOPIO remix sometime.

  3. Just found your blog and I love this idea. Been shopping in my closet for the past year and I’ve learned so much from blogs about mixing up my outfits. This looks like a fun challenge- so I’m giving it a shot for March. And as I move from winter to spring, I will pack away the heavy items after one last use. Much more fun than switching out the entire winter collection at once.

  4. this is a pretty freakin awesome idea! unfortunately i came across the “TOPIO” links …after you had finished, and while i’m in the midst of packing my apartment. once i’m settled in my new place i’ll definitely be doing a TOPIO month!

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