Snow White

whiteskirt1 whiteskirt2 whiteskirt3 whiteskirt4 whiteskirt5

What better day to wear winter white than the day after a winter storm that dropped a good inch of ice. Needless to say, these heels were in my tote bag when I spent 20 minutes chiseling my car out from under all that shit. For that part I wore my ice skates. Or maybe just some boots. You’ll never know. OK, it was boots.

The remixed item today is the turtleneck. See how I wore it yesterday.

similar Turtleneck // Jacket (on sale!) // similar Skirt // similar Shoes

12 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. This outfit is great! Also, I cannot believe that jacket is on sale for $12.49. Or really, even the original price. Target cannot open here fast enough (I’m in Canada, land of expensive clothing). Love your shoes too.

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