If I Was Your Boyfriend

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Happy weekend, everyone! Here’s a little something I put together to wear to class earlier this week. These boyfriend jeans were my repeat item (it’s the end of week 3 of the remix challenge…craziness).

I’m pretty excited about these jeans. Why? Oh good, I’m glad you asked. Well, I’ve always been a fan of the cuffed baggy jean look on girls…in theory. But I was skeptical of trying it myself due to my – shall we say – efficient size. Thanks to the Olsen twins, we’ve all seen what few favors baggy clothes lend to a tiny person, and I’m not rich enough to pull off the homeless look like MK and Ashley.

Anyway, I happened to go in New York & Company the other day and saw they had these jeans called “slim slouch.”  At first I thought that was a ridiculous name, because how can jeans be slim and slouchy at the same time? Well, it turns out…like this. They really are slim and slouchy, and I love them! Super comfortable too. I don’t shop at NY & Co. often, but I might have to start buying more jeans there! My pant-fitting challenge (we all have one, right?) is that my hips are quite a bit wider than my waist, so I always get that big gap in the back of the waist band – handy for storing snacks but otherwise annoying. If you have that problem too, you should try NY & Co. (and let me know if there’s another store I should be trying)!

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8 thoughts on “If I Was Your Boyfriend

  1. I agree with Naomie. I buy Gap and American Eagle jeans. My booty is bigger than everything so I get that gappy back as well. I just buy a mid-rise with a teensy bit of stretch and it works.
    You look so cute here. I love those shoes!

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