Bloops and Bloopers

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On Wednesday night I went to an event with some other fashion-minded Indianapolis residents, and I figured what better time to bust out the boyfriend-jeans-with-heels look. It was a good time, and I got several compliments on my sweater, which just confirmed that I made the right choice in remixing this bad boy.

Also, I am really loving this necklace! I’ve been doing a lot of statement jewelry recently (like yesterday, for example), but sometimes I like to go the dainty route too. This necklace is what I like to call a “bloop.” That’s a very technical jeweler term that refers to a short chain with a small pendant. I got this necklace recently at Forever 21 in case you’re interested. I’m having trouble finding it online, but I’ve linked to a similar option below.

On a side note, I’m going to start posting some behind-the-scenes blooper photos (and there are some doozies) on my Facebook page and I’ll need your help creating “captions” for some of them. Next month I’ll do a blooper reel post with some of my favorites. “Like” Sarah’s Real Life here so you can get in on the action!

similar Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // similar Necklace // Rubber Link Bracelet // similar Silver Cuff

6 thoughts on “Bloops and Bloopers

  1. Love your sweater girl and with the pink pumps…perfection. Oh and the sweater with the gingham from day 19, DA’BOMB! Seriously, that look was fierce…

  2. Necklaces called “bloops.” I love that. I also love your idea for bloopers photos and may steal it… Well do it and say I got the idea from you.

    Love the red mary-jane wedges on the following day. I can’t wear heels with my injury but am managing to expand my footwear options as my back heals.

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