Blown Away

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Here we are in my living room again. Can the background of my photo be my repeat item today? No? OK, well good thing I also wore these green skinny jeans for the second day in a row (along with the coral bracelet, which was sort of an accident). This time I didn’t hide inside because of the cold. In fact, it was in the mid-50s, but there was a storm rolling through and I was worried I might blow away if I went outside. I mean my car almost blew off the road, and my car weighs a few hundred pounds more than I do. Seriously…Midwest weather is the craziest thing ever. To be fully prepared, you should just wear a bikini under a snowsuit, and keep rain boots and sunscreen in your purse.

P.S. I have a couple outfits backed up in the queue, so I’m going to post another outfit later today. So y’all come back now, ya hear, because Day 18 might be even more awesome than Day 17. Or it could be super lame. You’ll just never know unless you check.

Sweater // similar Jeans // similar Boots // similar Pyramid Bracelet // similar Coral Cuff // similar Necklace

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