Guess My Age

ikatdeux1 ikatdeux2 ikatdeux3 ikatdeux4 ikatdeux5 ikatdeux6

Sometimes when you’re shorter than 5’4″ and younger than 35, it’s easy to look like a small child if you wear things like, say, a flared skirt, tights, and pink shoes.

And sometimes you just don’t give a crap because you’re a grown up and you’ll be a lawyer soon. So there.

Shirt: J. Crew Factory (similar)

Sweater: J. Crew (on sale in other colors)

Skirt: Webster Miama for Target (similar)

Tights: Simply Vera

Shoes: Target (similar)

Bracelet: Madewell (on sale in blue)

P.S. The repeated piece is this purple and white oxford shirt. See yesterday’s post if you missed it!

15 thoughts on “Guess My Age

  1. ha! I totally relate. I’m 5’4 and 32, but have a bit of a baby face (I still get id’d like 1/3 of the time)…sometimes I wonder if I just look child-like instead of whimsical and adult. 😉 This is cute – those shoes are adorable, and I love this look with your ikat shirt.

      • lol – the drinking age here is 19, but they have a policy that they are supposed to ID anyone who looks under 25. I REALLY don’t think I look 19, but I could definitely pass for 25 most days.

  2. I love how you took the shirt from a casual outfit to a dressy one. Wahoo closet versatility! And I get that as a short person too, but those shoes are worth it.

  3. I am just swooning over your skirt! I have been looking for a skirt with that shape (plus the elastic waistband and pockets) for a long time, and can’t find anything! I love how you paired it with the structured shirt and sweater look. Great!!

  4. i got carded buying wine last month… standing tall at 5’2″ and being a size 4 sure does help. my children were with me (10,8,4) and could not understand my excitement at having to prove i was over 30 (here they card if you appear under 30). maybe the cashier was being a tad generous, but at 45 i will certainly take it!

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