Snow Shoes…Sort of.

snowheels1 snowheels2 snowheels3 snowheels4 snowheels5 snowheels6 snowheels7

As much I love suede, calf hair, and leather (real or faux) on my feet, it’s always good to have some shoes made of cheap man-made materials. If I’ve learned one thing living in Indiana for 9 years, it’s to expect the unexpected, especially in the winter. After my recent snow boot fail, I had decided to forget about trying to follow the weather forecast. I saw some snowflakes out the window, so I went for these all-weather heels in the hopes that not too much more would fall. I survived. Maybe “snow pumps” will become the new thing.

(Or maybe not. The future lawyer in me sees a lot of liability issues with marketing stilettos for icy conditions. Let’s scratch that idea. Snow strut at your own risk.)

Dress: Target (similar here and here)

Cardigan: (similar)

Necklace: Target (bought recently but can’t find it online)

Shoes: Macy’s Style & Co. (similar)

Belt: came with another dress (similar)

Tights: Frenchi (If you’re in the market for some new black opaque tights, I recommend these! They’re really sturdy feeling and the waist band is super comfy. Pretty warm too.)

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