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Yesterday was my wife’s birthday so I took her out to dinner at the Melting Pot. Except for the part where I gestured wildly about chocolate fondu and accidentally knocked my pinot noir all over my lap, it was a great time. Good think I elected to wear black, right? I should probably just always wear black when I’m around chocolate or wine because I tend to get very excited about them, and one or both is bound to wind up as an accidental accessory.

Dress: INC (try this, this, or my favorite)

Vest: Ya Los Angeles (similar)

Coat: Victoria’s Secret (similar)

Shoes: Bandolino (similar)

10 thoughts on “Melty

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  2. I LOVE the melting pot! I have been wanting to go there so bad! Why didn’t you tell me you were goin??? Next time Sarah, next time! You look smashing, btw. I love the fur vest layered over the dress and under the jacket. Clever, very clever.

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