No Wallace, Just Grommets

grommet1 grommet2 grommet3 grommet4 grommet5

This is the part where I’m supposed to say something cutesy like: “This is my go-to outfit for running errands!” Maybe I’d follow it up with a “lolz” (what does the Z stand for?!) or an emoticon. But alas, my “go-to outfit” for running errands is usually jeans, boat shoes, and an Indy Law t-shirt. It’s nerd chic, minus the chic part.

Still –  once in a while, I find that taking an extra couple minutes to pick out a real outfit and apply red lipstick makes me more productive. When I look frumpy, I just want to get my stuff done as quickly as possible and then get home. When I wore this outfit, I actually had a pretty good day! After my trip to the post office, I hung out at Starbucks and wrote a cover letter for a summer internship, did some blog maintenance, and answered a few emails. I can do those things at home, but no one makes me a delicious nonfat latte at home, which means that…I can’t really do those things at home. When I’m rich, I will have a Starbucks in my house. Just kidding – we all know I’ll spend all my money on shoes.

By the way, I included that photo of a snowy landscape in an effort to convince myself that the beautiful scene was worth nearly freezing to death taking outfit photos (but it wasn’t).

Shirt: J. Crew Factory, currently out of stock (similar)

Sweatshirt: Forever 21, old (similar)

Jeans: Ann Taylor

Boots: Target

Watch: Anne Klein (similar)

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

10 thoughts on “No Wallace, Just Grommets

  1. Freezing in the snow for the photos was totally worth it because all the snow looks so beautiful and magical! I am supremely jealous. Although I’m sure if I were actually there I’d be over it in about five minutes. Love the leopard!

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