How to Stalk Me


Hey, peeps. I wanted to take a hot second to tell you about different ways for us to be buddies. These days there are a million and a half social media platforms for bloggers (and everyone, really) and I honestly don’t even know how some of them work. There are a few sites I’ve signed up for but haven’t used yet. There are, however, a select few I use on a regular basis in a helpful, non-annoying way:


I have 6 boards on Pinterest, but I mainly pin to 2 or 3 at a time:

  • Get in My Closet Like Now: This is where I try to pressure awesome clothes and accessories to magically show up at my apartment. So far it hasn’t worked, but I’ll keep trying. Sometimes I actually purchase the items I pin here, and other times I pin things I can’t afford just for fun. I include the price in the caption when it’s something budget-friendly. (Full disclosure: Most of these pins are affiliate links, meaning I might make a commission if you make a purchase from the original source. Thanks in advance for helping fund my education!)
  • Real-Life Fall/Winter Style: This is where I pin outfit inspiration for this season. I usually post a picture from my own outfit post for the day, but most photos are from other blogs. And I have excellent taste, so my pins are pretty awesome.
  • Real-Life Spring/Summer Style: You can probably figure this one out…same as above but for warm weather. It’s mostly dormant right now but will be back in action in a few months.

See all my boards here.


I used to have all my favorite blogs in my bookmarks menu, so I would just go through the list every day not knowing whether or not there was actually a new post up yet. Bloglovin’ is the biz-nass and makes it so much easier if you like to keep up with lots of blogs – fashion or otherwise. And you can see a quick preview so you know if it’s something you’re not interested in.

Anyway, I recommend signing up for Bloglovin’ if you haven’t already, and you can follow Sarah’s Real Life here. Each new post will show up in your feed shortly after it goes live.


If you’re one of the elite 1 billion people who have a Facebook account, you can “like” the Sarah’s Real Life Facebook page here. A link to each post will pop up in your News Feed. I also post links with sales alerts to some of my favorite stores, which I don’t do here on the blog. You will love me and hate me for it 🙂


I use Twitter a lot! Not only do I post links to my posts, I also do some sales alerts, along with Instagrams and random tidbits of my life (I like to think I’m pretty entertaining). I’m pretty excited about the upcoming awards season so I can tweet about all my favorite red carpet looks. But be warned, I can’t help but tweet about every IU basketball game. Follow me here.

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