Giddyap Jingle Horse Pick Up Your Feet





I know I said I don’t wear sweats in public, but this is pretty darn close. Sometimes, though, a sweatshirt and leggings can be OK outside the house if (1) you’re doing something super casual, (2) there is no velour anywhere on your body, (3) there are no words or symbols across your butt, (4) you cover your bits and pieces, (5) you play with fun colors or otherwise add visual interest, and (6) you wear something other than sneakers or flip-flops on your feet.

As you can see, it’s a complex rule, but I am clearly following it. If the fashion police issue a citation, I will be prepared with my defense. For the record, I know this is not exactly my usual pulled together look, but I wanted to be true to my blog’s raison d’etre and show you what I really wear. This was another exam-taking outfit so comfort was the name of the game. I’ll be back to real outfits soon, I swear! (But if you want to see how I styled this same top with real pants, see here and here.)

Sweatshirt: Madewell, sold out online (similar here)

Boots: Madden Girl, old (similar here and here)

P.S. Howdya like that little dance move at the end? Why, thank you. I’m classically trained. No…really.

6 thoughts on “Giddyap Jingle Horse Pick Up Your Feet

  1. I see nothing wrong with this! The leggings are a different color than black, thicker looking, and not showing anything. Looks fine to me. Plus, that is the cutest sweat shirt ever!

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