Baby, It’s Not Cold Outside





My feet are buried in leaves, but I really was wearing shoes, see?…


There they are!


20121204-144550.jpgRemember how I told you I have a big head? There’s your proof in the last picture: it’s clearly bigger than the sun.

So here it is December, and most of the country was way above average temperatures the past couple days. Americans are all about their freedom, and apparently the weather thinks it’s free to be 70 degrees at the time of year when everyone is singing “Let it Snow” and “Winter Wonderland.” But hey, I’m not complaining (except about having to shave my legs). I took the opportunity to put on my favorite breezy skirt and go do some studying at Starbucks. My first exam is on Saturday and it’s very tempting to stay cooped up in the house for a week. But if I spend too much time at home, ironically I begin to look like a homeless person. So. Real clothes and fresh air it is!

Sweater: J. Crew Factory

Vest: Express, old (similar)

Skirt: Pitaya, old (similar for $16!)

Shoes: Urban Outfitters, old (similar)

Bracelet: Stephan & Co.

20 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Not Cold Outside

  1. Such a cute look, and I absolutely love your hair like that! I can’t believe how hot it’s been…so ridiculous. We’ve been in the 80s…yuck! I get confused when I come home and see a wreath on my door.

  2. Those shoes are soooo pretty. And we are just finally getting some colder weather here in Southern California… though we keep getting the occasional 70-something bombs every week or so… ridiculous! Haha.

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