Use Your Noggin






Fun fact about me: I usually don’t do hats. Most hats look funny on me, or they’re too small for my big head. You might think I’m joking, but it’s true – my head is deceptively large. I hide it well under all my hair. So when I find a hat that fits and doesn’t look stupid, I obviously have to get it.

Then I face the next challenge: when can I even wear a hat? On Saturday I decided that a class field trip to the art museum and a subsequent lunch date would be hat-appropriate activities. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what was on my schedule for Saturday, so it all worked out.

Hat: Target, old (similar)

Jacket: Express

Pants: LOFT

Shoes: Sperry Top Sider

10 thoughts on “Use Your Noggin

  1. Cute hat and I LOVE your pants! Funny thing, my head is super small. Most hats are too big or I have to buy kid’s hats. Maybe we should merge our heads, two are better than one and we can have a normal sized head then!

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