Field Trip


Yesterday, I went on a field trip with my intellectual property law class to an apple orchard. That’s right, law school is even more fun than you already thought it was. There are field trips! A small but fun group of us hung out with animals at the petting zoo, learned about honey bees, and sampled lots of apple deliciousness. We also got very excited talking about trademarks and cease and desist letters. What can I say…law students know how to have a good time.

And now for some gratuitous animal photos:


Up close and personal with a donkey



We called all the miniature horses Lil Sebastian (if you watch “Parks and Rec,” you know what I’m talking about)


Of course I was excited to see this kitten, as if I can’t see a cat at home every day. But this one was so adorable, making friends with the other animals! 


Meanwhile, this big guy’s hanging out all like, “If you want to see a real horse, I’ll be over here.”


We took a “hayride” but there was no hay, so I guess it was just a tractor ride. Whatever, hayride sounds better. Anyway, we got a tour of the orchards as the sun was setting. ‘Twas lovely.


We sampled lots of hard ciders and ate apple dumplings with cinnamon ice cream (no picture of the dessert because I ate it…yum).

McClure’s Orchard is on Highway 31 just north of Peru, Indiana (about an hour and a half drive from Indianapolis). For more info, see their website.

I hope everyone had a great weekend – anyone else go somewhere cool? Eat or drink anything special? Send any cease and desist letters?

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