20121031-171514.jpgIt was really windy when we took these photos, so you’re looking at the select few pictures where I don’t have an insane-looking face with hair strewn across it.

Anyway, now that I’ve discovered how much I like layering button-down shirts and sweaters, I’ve found I don’t know what else to wear. I mean I have 6 or 7 button-down shirts and a couple dozen sweaters…there are so many permutations I can do! It’s so fun! But I’ve never been the type to have a go-to outfit or uniform, so I’m going to try to spread out all the options over the next few months. You guys have to keep me honest on this. If you notice me sporting this combo more than twice in a week, you have to call me out. But as long as it’s sporadic, you can go ahead and tell me I look awesome. And…go!

Sweatshirt: Forever 21, old (similar with sequins)

Shirt: J. Crew Factory, not available (similar)

Necklace: J. Crew, old (similar)

Jeans: Ann Taylor

Boots: Target

4 thoughts on “Anti-Uniform

  1. I have been doing the same thing. It’s just so cold! I realized I was about to do it again today and switched out for a blazer instead. Whew!
    I love that dainty layered necklace. Too cute for words.

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