Simple Clothes and New Adventures



Yesterday was another fun-filled day of vacation in Florida. I drove a golf cart (and rode in a golf cart) for the first time. I didn’t play golf per se, but I did learn to putt a little bit and rode around the course and watched. In case you’ve ever wondered if watching golf in person is any more exciting than it is on TV, the answer is: not really. But I don’t think anybody’s into golf for the thrill.

In the evening, we went to a little pond and fed birds and turtles. Painfully cute, right? 🙂




Pants: LOFT

3 thoughts on “Simple Clothes and New Adventures

  1. Looks like you are enjoying yourself in Florida! I totally agree about golf though. My dad played when I was younger and would always drag me out to the course with him. It’s totally boring!

    And, I absolutely love those polka dot pants! So cute!

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