Airport Style




20121008-211012.jpgGreetings from sunny Florida! Well it was actually a bit rainy when we got in, but the sun came back out and gave us a double rainbow.

It was a little weird to go from mid-40s in Indiana to mid-80s in Orlando. I planned ahead and wore a cardigan and scarf that I could take off once we headed south. It’s not my most mind-blowing outfit, but I wanted to share my travel style with you all. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to brag that I’m on vacation and you’re not. HA.


8 thoughts on “Airport Style

  1. 1st and 2nd photo… Does that person have their shirt pulled up over their head exposing bare back/belly? Or is that just like a back brace or something?

    Also, I recognize that Orlando tram. (I used to live in Orlando and flew in and out a lot)
    I’m super jealous. Enjoy the vacay!!

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