At Last







A few days ago, one of my fellow WordPress style bloggers posted an outfit with statement earrings. I made the mistake of telling her how I’d had a pair of crazy earrings in my jewelry box for over a year and had never worn them. Then she demanded I wear them immediately and post them on the blog. I haven’t met her in person, but she looks like she might work out so I don’t want to make her mad. So here you go, Biscuits (or do you prefer Ms. Navy?).

I went to a comedy show on Friday night, and I put on these leggings, tank, and cardigan, and I started to pick out accessories when I realized I had just created a great backdrop for THE earrings! Sometimes I’m even surprised by my genius styling ability. Since the earrings make enough of a statement for 12 outfits, I decided to forego all other accessories. My earrings were very excited to see the outside world. They say it’s nice to meet you.

5 thoughts on “At Last

  1. YES!!! So glad I muscled you into wearing the statement earrings! Look at this magnificent outfit that transpired because of it:) I love, love, love them. I’m going to have to demand that you wear them more often. Thanks for the link love;)

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