20120911-225342.jpgI had a bit of an Americana vibe going on Monday in this outfit with my muted red, white, and blue! Maybe I should have posted this on the 11th. That would have been patriotic, but alas, I am a completely unthoughtful person.

I was excited to wear my peplum jacket again, but this time I wore it more as a shirt so that it looked extra peplumy. And much like yesterday, I’m still walking the fine line between summer and fall. That’s what the sandals are for – to remind you that the autumnal equinox (I’m gettin’ technical, y’all) has not yet occurred.

How are you guys rockin’ your fall colors in this still-pretty-warm weather?

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12 thoughts on “Americana

  1. Love that outfit! I am doing the summer/fall dance as well. What is the deal with the Indiana weather ? Can’t wait for the fall to get here! Btw…really love the pants!

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