Boys’ Club





20120821-215820.jpgI wore this last weekend for a casual gathering of friends over guacamole and card games. I like my friends because I don’t have to try too hard to impress them, but when I do try too hard, they always compliment me.

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I got this shirt from the J. Crew boys’ department (size 14). Sometimes I like the look of pieces that are labeled “boyfriend” style, but what that label really means is: “Sarah, you will look ridiculous in this because you are a runt.” While my having an actual 14-year-old boyfriend would be both yucky and illegal, buying clothes meant for a 14-year-old boy as it turns out can be quite fun. But since I’m so butch, I obviously had to wear my boy shirt with pink, pearls, bows, and hearts…just to make sure the world knew I was a lady.

If there are any other petite ladies out there, you can get this polo shirt here 🙂

…and the link for the pave bow ring is in this post.

The Beginning of the Middle





20120820-210013.jpgMonday was the first day of classes in my second year of law school. And just like any other first day of school, I was excited to pick out my outfit. I did my back-to-school shopping (even though I haven’t physically grown out of clothes in about 12 years, I feel I emotionally grow out of them, and also I like to shop), so I was ready to wear some of my new clothes!

Because my summer is over, and I’ll be schooling instead of working, you’ll be seeing sort of a shift in my style from business casual to grad school casual. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy reading!

Jeans and tank available at LOFT

Bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs, available at Nordstrom

Hair Apparent

Don’t worry, it’s still me. I’m just a little blonder and with more layers (in my hair, that is).





20120819-195213.jpgNormally I don’t like super-high wedges because they look and feel clunky and heavy. So imagine my excitement to find these babies  – they cut the clunk right out of them! I get to be 5’7″ (at least) and still walk like a normal upright human being. Still a bold shoe choice, of course, but for $15, a risk I will gladly take!

I wore this to get my herr did, and then on a date to the Melting Pot (celebrating my wife’s promotion). A glass of pinot noir and pots of melted cheese and chocolate? Good times.

Pave bow ring available at Ann Taylor

Wedges from Target

Sunglasses and scarf from Charming Charlie

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Tied With a Bow. Or a Crap Ton of Bows.





I like finding t-shirts with fun details so I can feel like I’m wearing something special even on those jeans-and-a-t-shirt days. I just picked up this top at Ann Taylor…if there are any other bow lovers out there, I highly recommend stopping by good ol’ Ann’s place. She’s got lots of bows for you.

I wore this a couple days ago when I was out running errands to get ready for classes to start (and they start tomorrow…eep!). It rained all day, which is why you’re getting a little glimpse of the inside of my apartment. I’ll go ahead and let you assume that the rest of it is as tidy as the small section you see here.

Top available at Ann Taylor (and full-price tops are currently buy one, get one half off…just thought I’d mention that)

My Birthday Week in Over-Processed Photos


I like beers I can call by their first name; A castle on the skirt from my birthday party outfit (because I’m a princess on my b’day, of course); Coco having a hard time waking up; My birthday cupcake from Gigi’s


A spoonful of coffee ice cream in my cup a joe instead of creamer; All my birthday cards (real mail!!); Wore a yellow shirt to go shopping and tried on yellow jeans at LOFT – so this happened; Birthday dinner at my favorite pizza place

Challenge Complete!

Thanks to everyone who tried out my outfit challenge! In case you’ve been living under a rock, my challenge was to make a new outfit entirely out of items that are 3 or more years old. Here are the bloggers that took on my challenge. Go check ’em out! Thanks, ladies.

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  4. Fashion Addict
  5. Ready… Dressed… Go!
  6. and in case you forgot the outfit that started it all, it’s still here.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Thanks for all the feedback on today’s outfit post! I think the consensus was that all the individual pieces were keepers; it’s just that they didn’t all mesh well together. Which is pretty much what I was worried about! I had thought about not posting the outfit at all, but then I thought…hey, this is supposed to be Sarah’s real life, right? I wore this in real life and I took photos of it, so I’m not going to censor myself. So there.

Too Much?




20120816-210239.jpgThis is one of those outfits where I put it on, looked at myself in the mirror, and just wasn’t sure if I liked it. But as usual, I had negative five minutes to change, so I went with it. Why yes, I totally meant to wear a crazy, brightly colored print skirt that might be an inch or two too short for the office, and a ruffly shirt, and a mismatching blazer, and red shoes. What?! I mean…yes, I am confident in my decision.

But seriously, feel free to give me your honest opinions. Does something seem off to you? Like maybe there’s too much going on?

Oh, and thanks to those of you who participated in my “Everything Old is New Again” outfit challenge! I will post links to those lovely ladies later tonight. If anyone else posts their outfit today, please let me know and I’ll be sure to include you.







There are lots of places people get style inspiration: magazines, store mannequins, awesome blogs like this one…But sometimes I think inspiration can sneak into your brain without your realizing it.

Exhibit A: One night earlier this week, I watched like 4 old episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix. You can judge me if you want, but I love that ridiculous show. The next day, I got ready for work, saw myself in the mirror and thought, “Hmm, when did Lily van der Woodsen go brunette? Oh wait, that’s me.”

Unfortunately, I did not have Lily van der Woodsen’s wallet…just her typical shift dress, statement necklace, and sleek low bun. I did enjoy being a chic Upper East Sider for a day though. Next week I’m headed back to school so I have to wear my “dress up” clothes and heels while I can! 

XOXO – Gossip Girl. I mean…Sarah

P.S. You have a whole day to finish the outfit challenge!

Double Duty: Dotted Tank and Pink Cardi



I realized that this summer I’ve worn skirts, dresses, and shorts much more than I have in years past. This realization made me very concerned for the self-esteem of my pants. I hope they know I still love them. But the best way to make pants feel loved is to wear them. And so I did.

In fact, I wore TWO pairs of pants in one day. That’s right…we’ve got a double duty post on our hands today (see the last one here). The first outfit, which you have already admired, was what I wore to work. What you are getting ready to admire below is how I switched it up to go out for my birthday pizza at Mellow Mushroom.


Before and After…


Dotted tank available at LOFT

Editor pants are old, but still available in various colors/styles at Express

Mint belt available at J. Crew

High rise jeans from Madewell, same or similar ones are still available I think

Don’t forget to check out the outfit challenge (it’s not a contest – everyone’s a “winner” as long as you participate before Friday this week)!

Peplum + Lace






A casual peplum top was on my wish list (no really – it was official), and I happened to find this at Zara when I was in Chicago last month. What luck! It zips in the front so it can be worn open like I did here, or closed. When it’s zipped up, it shows off the peplum shape more, so that’s on my to-wear list (I don’t have an actual to-wear list, although that’s totally something I would do).

I wore this out to dinner and a comedy show last Friday. I actually wore the same thing to work that day, but with flats and a full-size bag. We’ll just skip the cliche part where I tell how this outfit “goes effortlessly from desk to cocktails” or some crap like that. Let’s just say it’s cute and call it a day, shall we?

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If you’re a style blogger and you’d like to see your face – and your link – on this blog, check out my outfit challenge.