What Season is It Again?





I swear it was fall a couple days ago, and now it’s 90 degrees. WHERE AM I? Oh, that’s right, I’m in Indiana. Where Mother Nature looks at the calendar and says, “Fuck you, seasons. I’ll do what I want.” (The Midwestern Mother Nature has constant PMS. She’s quite cranky.)

My solution was to be just as big a rule breaker as Miss Weather and combine two entirely different color schemes for two different seasons into one outfit. So there. Black/bronze/leopard for fall and mint/yellow for summer. And that’s how this outfit was born. OR maybe I very strategically planned this outfit so as to seamlessly transition from summer to fall. Nope. It’s the random one.

And by the way, I put my hands on my head all the time when I’m standing outside watching birds. It’s totally natural.

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