Here’s My CV, So Hire Me Maybe?






20120823-183218.jpgI had an interview yesterday for summer job. Yes, that’s right…for next summer. Mark my words: law school is a crazy place, but I love it. It’s an unwritten rule that for a job interview in the legal world, you wear a suit. Period, end of story. And beyond that, I’ve even read advice that to be extra safe, you should wear a black suit, black shoes, and a button-up shirt (and if you’re a guy, a tie of course). I don’t think I need to tell you that I scoffed at this advice. While I agree that a job interview is not the place to make a daring fashion statement, it is place to present your best self and to show your personality. There’s no way I can feel like myself, much less my best self, in an uber-conservative outfit.

I felt totally confident in what I wore to the interview, and if I don’t get the job it’s because the position is very competitive and there are lots of other highly qualified students vying for it. If I got passed up just because I wore red shoes, well…then it’s not the right place for me to work anyway!

Suit is from Ann Taylor

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14 thoughts on “Here’s My CV, So Hire Me Maybe?

  1. I love the title of this post haha, and I really love your interview outfit. It’s so great discovering young women who are smart and successful, and also know fashion! Good luck with your interview, and I look forward to more posts from you! 🙂

  2. Good luck with your interviews!! I generally agree about your ability to wear your own style, but also I think you have to dress a little bit for the place you’re interviewing. For example, I have a few pairs of red shoes that I wore to the office all the time at my last job, but I was asked by a partner not to wear them to court. Red shoes might be totally okay for some interviews and not for others. But you clearly have a good head on your shoulders so I would trust your gut and if you felt like this place was aok for red shoes, I’m sure it was!

    I am, however, pretty conservative in one aspect: I always wear tights or pantyhose to court and most days when I wear a skirt and I’m not going to court (e.g., for meetings, etc.). Partly it’s because I’m freezing all the time (Californians and their love affair with air conditioning…) and partly because it just looks more professional. And this was years before Kate Middleton made them cool, haha. 😉

      • I thought the same thing before law school! I never, ever wore pantyhose. Then I started going to federal court every day, and I did a 180. I think it totally depends on the kind of job and/or court where you work! I also have the whitest skin ever so I feel more comfortable with a little bit of leg coverage at work. 🙂

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