Peplum + Lace






A casual peplum top was on my wish list (no really – it was official), and I happened to find this at Zara when I was in Chicago last month. What luck! It zips in the front so it can be worn open like I did here, or closed. When it’s zipped up, it shows off the peplum shape more, so that’s on my to-wear list (I don’t have an actual to-wear list, although that’s totally something I would do).

I wore this out to dinner and a comedy show last Friday. I actually wore the same thing to work that day, but with flats and a full-size bag. We’ll just skip the cliche part where I tell how this outfit “goes effortlessly from desk to cocktails” or some crap like that. Let’s just say it’s cute and call it a day, shall we?

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16 thoughts on “Peplum + Lace

  1. You always look adorable! You have the cutest figure to go with your creations! Thank you for not saying “fashionista” I am kind of done w/ that term…

  2. Great jacket/top. I’ve been a little intimidated by the peplum trend but here I feel it’s minimalistic and just enough to add that flare- looks really nice 🙂

  3. This is the holy grail of jackets! Stripes, peplum and a jacket! And you paired it with yellow lace, genius! Had I known you had this little number up your sleeve, I would have rigged my giveaway so you would have won;) JK, I have a little more integrity than that. I would have done a trade maybe???? You look fantastic!!! xoooo

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