Taste the Rainbow





Sometimes I don’t understand what people are wearing at the mall. There are those girls strutting around in their strappy heels…whom are you trying to impress? You’ve got a lot of walking to do, and you choose the least comfortable shoes you own? Plus you’re going to spend 5 minutes taking them off and on in every dressing room. Not practical. Oh, and don’t get me started on the ladies who rub their full face of makeup on the last white shirt in my size.

When I have a big shopping day ahead of me, I dress strategically: a top with a wide neck hole that’s easy to take off without messing up my hair, comfy shoes that slip on and off quickly, no jewelry that’s going to catch on fabric, and no messy makeup or lipgloss.

Luckily, these rules apparently still allow me to dress like a bag of Skittles, which is a life goal of mine.

In case you’re wondering, my shopping was quite successful. Mustard yellow jeans, polka dot tank, striped polo, and a mixed-print skirt. Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow

  1. I ❤ you…we're so similar – I'm always cracking up at the sky high heels gals are wearing to the grocery store or mall, just so unrealistic! I usually go with jeans and a pair of flats, but I like the idea of adding a wide neck shirt, too.

  2. I stress strategically, too. Anything but a knit/tee and/or jeans is a no-go for me. And I can’t STAND slow walkers! Well-played with this ensemble. I’ve been oddly attracted to yellow lately…

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