Risky Business





20120731-203835.jpgSome people climb Mount Everest. Some people gamble their life savings. Some people eat that poisonous puffer fish thing. When I want to feel that rush that only comes from taking a big risk…I order something online – that’s on FINAL. SALE.

Whoa. Take a breather. I know; it’s pretty crazy. It was just a belt this time, but next time, who knows? Maybe I’ll order PANTS on final sale. Just kidding…that’s insane.

Well, I got super lucky with this final sale belt, because I love it even more in person than I did online, and it fits perfectly. Since I wore it over this kind of thick-waisted skirt, it was actually a liiiiittle snug, so I’m not sure if I will wear them together again. But it sure did look cute while it lasted.

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11 thoughts on “Risky Business

  1. Hey Sarah. I found your blog thru “Long Live Classy”. Great job, I love it and your humor. Thanks for the real life, relatable outfit posts, totally makes sense for a blog. BTW, I have 7 cats. Yikes!!

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