Over-Thinking It






20120719-184757.jpgI bought this skirt because I liked how the fabric said “I’m casual” but the structure said “I’m a lil fancy.” The problem? Is the skirt too casual for work (it’s not jeans but it is denim)? and is it too fancy for the weekend? I’ve mostly worn it for those in-between occasions like day-time parties, but on Thursday I wore it to work. Here’s how I rationalized it: the button-up shirt is so quintessentially “workwear” and the pearls and low bun tend to read conservative, so that all cancels out any suspicion someone might have that I just thought it was Friday (although that’s something I would do). The best part? My coworker wore actual jeans this same day. Man, I really over-think things sometimes.

Remember the last time I wore this skirt? It was another workday look.

Belt available at J. Crew

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