Seasons of Love


OK, get ready for a story so cute you might cry and gag simultaneously. It’s like a Nicholas Sparks book minus the tragedy.

My friends Bob and Lydia celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary this past weekend, and Bob decided  to surprise Lydia with a ceremony to renew their vows on Saturday. Of course, he needed the help of some of his amazingly awesome friends (like me). I volunteered to make a bouquet and programs.



B & L had wanted to go to Hawaii for their anniversary, but because of extenuating circumstances – like Lydia’s getting pregnant with their second kiddo – the trip didn’t work out. So instead we brought Hawaii to a park in Indiana.

After the bride arrived looking incredibly confused, she was ambushed with a white dress, sandals, and the bouquet (which was really beautiful and nicely arranged, don’t you think?). Then she walked onto the little pile of sand to the tune of a ukulele. The ceremony was modeled on a traditional Hawaiian wedding, so they exchanged leis and then said their vows (which involved a sing-along, although that part’s not traditional).


Then they each took sand from under the other’s feet and put them together in an authentic coconut shell from a party supply store (hey, we had to work with what was available).



The whole thing was pretty damn adorable. Here’s the happy couple. Can you believe they’ve been together 10 years? They obviously got married when they were 13. OK, now I’m just sucking up. And can I just point out that bouquet again? It’s so lovely I just can’t get over it.


But let’s not forget what’s really important: what I was wearing. Keep in mind that these photos were taken at the end of the day. It was literally 100 degrees in the shade, and the after party was at a pool so I was a hot mess. That’s why I conveniently didn’t include photos of my head.




Skirt: Everly / Nail polish: Essie Bikini So Teeny

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