Working for the Weekend





On this particular day (casual Friday – woo hoo!) I was sporting what my sister would call “big country hair.” In the South, this would actually be kind of flat, but by my standards, it’s big country hair. I thought about wearing my daisy dukes and confederate flag crop top, but then I remembered that I don’t own those things. Plus, I don’t think they would be work appropriate. Just a hunch.

I do believe this ensemble is work appropriate, however. And this would totally be one of those outfits they show in a magazine as something that could go from day to evening (“just take a clutch!”), but as I am an old lady who stays home and watches Pretty Little Liars on Netflix on Friday nights, it was just a particularly sassy work outfit.

Top: Kensie / Jeans: Seven / Necklace: LOFT / Bracelet: What to Wear Boutique / Shoes: Nine West

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