Oh yay…Monday





I wore this to work yesterday. I must admit that it’s not my most amazing outfit creation, but sometimes I don’t feel very inspired on Mondays. I like to think that compared to the incredibly thirsty looking grass I’m standing on, that I look fresh and alive and amazing. Is it working? Or should I try standing in a landfill?

Tuesdays are another story, though. Oh man, look out for Tuesday (but in the case of this blog, you’ll want to wait and look out for Tuesday on Wednesday). The outfit I’m wearing right now will knock your socks off tomorrow. You know you wanna come back and see it…

Oh right, and as for this slightly boring but pulled-together look:

Top: Elle for Kohl’s / Pants: Benneton (yes, you have seen me wear these twice already here and here) / Shoes: Style & Co. / Earrings: Pitaya / Bracelet: What to Wear Boutique (detail picture here)

Meet Me in Saint Louis

As I mentioned in my last post, I was in the St. Louis/western Illinois region over the weekend. Without further ado, here are some pics from the roadtrip (including outfits, of course).


View of downtown St. Louis from the highway.


These are all from Saturday afternoon on Delmar Blvd, a fun shopping and dining area, and home to the St. Louis “Walk of Fame.” I took pictures of some of the stars, including Miles Davis. The statue is of Chuck Berry. And since it was incredibly hot, we stopped for beverages at Fitz’s, where they bottle their own soda pop on site.20120618-082126.jpg



This was my Saturday outfit. There were no plans ahead of time, so I had no idea what I needed to pack. Luckily this worked out, at least in my opinion. Other family members remarked, “Wow, you’re dressed up” and “You know, this is not a fashion show.” To which I replied: “My life is a fashion show.” So there.




Sunday’s outfit had to withstand the ride home. I’m calling this one a success, too, considering these pictures were taken literally right after stepping out of 5 hours in the car. After discovering how comfortable and unwrinkled I was, I got myself a self-congratulatory sandwich…


Outfit 1

Top: Ann Taylor LOFT / Skirt: Kensie / Shoes: Baretraps / Necklace: gift / Bracelet: gift

Outfit 2

Tank: Target / Cardigan: Macy’s / Shorts: J. Crew / Shoes: Target / Bracelets: Madewell and What to Wear Boutique / Bag: marc by Marc Jacobs

Sunshiney Day




The only time I had to do photos of this outfit was at 1:00pm, so it was way too bright to get good quality pictures. But I’m doing a post on it anyway, just because (a) I was having a good hair day, and anyone who has a style blog must be a tad bit narcissistic, and (b) I really like the print of this top. It has tiny little birds, but from a distance it just looks like little flecks.

I wore this for a short day at work (casual Friday) and then got in the car for a 5-hour drive to Saint Louis for a weekend with some family. I’ll post pictures from the trip in the next couple days.

Top: Ann Taylor / Pants: Jag Jeans / Shoes: Kohl’s / Necklace: Macy’s / Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

Wedding Bells are Gonna Chime

I wore this to my friend Brandy’s wedding on Thursday. A lovely time was had by all. I had an especially good time because I was excited to wear this adorable new dress. I think it will be cute with a belt or maybe a long necklace, but for the garment’s debut I kept it simple. It also flows nicely in the wind (see above).


At the end of the night, I had a little fun with photos on site…


And since I know there are a bunch of chicks reading this who are obsessed with weddings, here’s your wedding porn.






I’m not much of a wedding person myself. The way people stress out and spend tens of thousands of dollars on what should be just one day of the rest of your life with your spouse seems silly and wasteful. Luckily, Brandy didn’t have one of those weddings! It was simple, classy, and personal. I had a good time and wasn’t worried about ruining some $500 vintage tablecloth with spilled wine (because I did in fact spill my wine).

Congrats, Brandy and Bradley!

Dress: Pitaya / Shoes: Nine West / Clutch: Coach

First Lady






In real life, I do not do chores in cute outfits. This is not Pleasantville. But the upstairs neighbors apparently just got a bird feeder, and there are some very aggressively-eating birds in the area, so my balcony was covered in sunflower seed shells. Since I try to keep it relatively classy here at Sarah’s Real Life, I thought I should tidy up a bit before photos. After all, I wanted you all to look at these pics and marvel at my fantastic loafers without being distracted by some robins’ dinner scraps.

Anywho, this little ensemble came about because I planned to wear this black dress, then put it on and realized it was shorter than I remembered. I was a little worried it was too short for work, but I didn’t have time to think of something else to wear. So I figured if I stuck with flats and went first-lady elegant on top, that it would all even out. Do you think it worked? (only tell me if it did – I have delicate feelings)

Dress: H&M / Jacket: Walter / Shoes: Calvin Klein / Necklace: Givenchy

Shoulder Work Ahead





So…about this shirt. Some people (you know who you are) have teased me about these funky shoulders. Here’s what happened: The shirt used to be your run-of-the-mill faux wrap top. I happened to wear it one day when I transitioned into my alter ego, Super Sarah. Super Sarah can fly, but she has to flap like a bird, which involves a lot of shoulder muscles. Those huge, impressive muscles stretched out the shoulders of this shirt, and it didn’t bounce back. True story.* Well, I don’t want to be wasteful, so I still wear the shirt and just call it a fashion statement.

Top: Ann Taylor / Tank: Target / Pants: Express / Shoes: Vince Camuto (my favorite shoes…last seen here) / Bracelet: Madewell / Necklace: Kohl’s

*This is so not a true story. What really happened it I bought this weird shirt on purpose because I’m just crazy like that. But I like it (the shirt and being crazy).

(Business) Casual





I work one of those offices where the dress code is business casual, but my colleagues tend to focus more on the “casual” part than the “business” part. But that works for me, because it means I can wear almost anything I want. And we all know how I like variety in my wardrobe (I used to work at a pharmacy where I had to wear navy scrubs everyday – my closet was so depressed it kept asking me to snag some uppers from the office).

So today I took a cue from my coworkers and dressed down a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever worn this cardigan with anything besides a tank underneath. I’m kinda digging the extra dose of stripes sticking out on the sleeves.

Tee: Target / Cardigan: B.P. Nordstrom / Pants: Benetton / Shoes: Steve Madden / Necklace: J. Crew / Bracelet: another oldie






Last week I happened upon a blog post by Style Sprite where she wore a cute and funky floral peplum skirt. Then I remembered this peplum-ish top that I hadn’t worn in probably almost a year.

Well, when I decided to redo my handy dandy outfit inspiration cards (scroll down or click here for yesterday’s post), that top was one of the first on my list to wear.

I love the structure of this top, and I decided to accentuate the positive (anyone else singing now?) even more with the belt. Since the dark plum color is more fall-ish, I kept everything else light so that no one gets confused on what season it is – obviously a legitimate concern when it’s 85 degrees outside.

Top: Ann Taylor / Pants: Express / Belt: Target / Shoes: Payless / Bracelet: American Eagle / Necklace: really old and probably from Wet Seal or somewhere like that

What to Wear?

Sometimes people remark that they’ve never seen me wear the same thing twice. Well, I assure you I do wear clothes more than once, but rarely do I repeat exactly the same combination of clothes. It helps that I have an enormous wardrobe.

Today’s entry is about one little trick I use to manage my crazy closet (which is actually a spare bedroom). If your wardrobe is sparse, this may not be helpful to you; but if you are a fellow shopping addict who stares into her stuffed-to-the-brim closet thinking “what the hell am I going to wear today?” then read on…

I came up with this idea at a time when I had lots of older stuff in my closet that I hadn’t worn in awhile but still wanted to wear, as well as several new things to add to the mix.

Start with a few index cards. You will use one for each week – 4 or 5 to begin, but you can always add more later. Now pick a category (for example: tops, jackets, shoes, accessories, skirts, etc.) and on the first line of each card, write down something in that category. It could be one specific item (ex: Ann Taylor striped turtleneck) or something more general (ex: patterned sweater). In the example below, I picked all items of the tops or sweaters variety.


Then pick another category and write down an item on each card. You see where I’m going with this… You can make as many categories as you like, or you can even pick random items. I started out with categories – tops, shoes, bottoms – then I did a round of randoms, then did two more categories – accessories, jewelry. The “rules” are really up to you. But in general, try to pick out some items that you’ve had for a while but have been neglected, as well as items that are newer. Then be sure to throw in some basics and favorites.


This project can easily be done on your own, but I consult with my trusty advisor, Coco.


Once you have your cards done, use them as a jumping off point each day that week when you’re deciding what to wear. You could wear multiple items from your card on the same day, or just pick one thing each day and build your outfit around it. Again, you make the rules so it really doesn’t matter! You can be as strict or as flexible with your cards as you like.

If anyone else decides to try my little scheme, let me know what you think! Did it work for you? Does anyone else have unique ways of managing their closets and thinking of new outfits? Leave me a comment!

Crazy Pants





This is one of those outfits that I might look back on many years down the road and think, “why the hell did I wear that with this?” But for today, I like my crazy yellow pants with a lavender jacket. What can I say…I live on the edge.

Tee: Ann Taylor / Pants: Loft / Jacket: Walter (hand-me-down from my friend Elyse) / Shoes: Nine West / Necklace: Tiffany / Sunglasses: Charming Charlie