What to Wear: Week 1 Update

For those of you who read my post last week on outfit planning, you’ve probably had troubling sleeping at night because you’ve been wondering, “Did Sarah use one of her index cards last week?! Did she wear everything on the list?! I MUST KNOW!!”

Well, stress no more, my little style fiends. Here is your answer. Yes, I did use one of my index cards last week. The items on the card were:

  • purple peplum top
  • zebra CK flats
  • cropped pants
  • maxi skirt
  • mint green J. Crew necklace
  • solid cardigan

If you look back at the last week of outfit posts, you’ll see that I wore all but the J. Crew necklace! Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


So, is anyone else going to try it?

By the way, you can now follow Sarah’s Real Life on Bloglovin’. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link!

7 thoughts on “What to Wear: Week 1 Update

  1. That is such a cute idea! I wish I could be somewhat organize with weekly wardrobe. Oh and btw, I will die if my JMC pumps wear out! I’m glad someone else likes them as much as I do because sometimes I worry I wear them too much!

    • Wellll what are you waiting for; you should try it! 🙂 And yes that is always a fear of mine with shoes or anything else that I really love…I want to wear them/it all the time, yet the more you wear, the more risk of ruining. It’s a fashion catch 22.

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