Oh yay…Monday





I wore this to work yesterday. I must admit that it’s not my most amazing outfit creation, but sometimes I don’t feel very inspired on Mondays. I like to think that compared to the incredibly thirsty looking grass I’m standing on, that I look fresh and alive and amazing. Is it working? Or should I try standing in a landfill?

Tuesdays are another story, though. Oh man, look out for Tuesday (but in the case of this blog, you’ll want to wait and look out for Tuesday on Wednesday). The outfit I’m wearing right now will knock your socks off tomorrow. You know you wanna come back and see it…

Oh right, and as for this slightly boring but pulled-together look:

Top: Elle for Kohl’s / Pants: Benneton (yes, you have seen me wear these twice already here and here) / Shoes: Style & Co. / Earrings: Pitaya / Bracelet: What to Wear Boutique (detail picture here)

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