Ballerina on the go




I’ll be honest. If I only have to leave the house to do one thing, I don’t make much effort. Please don’t tell Stacy and Clinton. But on Tuesday I actually had several errands to run, so it seemed that an outfit was justified. I went to pee in a cup (not just for fun – so I can go back to work at my old job), and I went to the dry cleaners, the bank, the grocery store, and the library.

This sweater is perfect for coolish spring days because it covers my arms, but it’s loosely knit almost like mesh. Or something. There’s probably a technical textile name for it but I don’t know what it is. Anywho, the colors are what I would call oatmeal and pale peach. The sweater makes me embrace my inner ballerina (hence the bun). I feel very dainty and demure, and then…BAM! Leopard print shoes. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Sweater: Loft / Jeans: Seven / Shoes: Cole Haan / Bracelet: Madewell / Earrings: handmade gift

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